If you were to ask most people what their biggest fear is, they will probably tell you that it would be finding a stranger in their home. After all, what could be worse? Your own private space invaded by someone you’ve never met. Suddenly, your home becomes tainted by the memory of the traumatic event and now everywhere you look there is a ghost of the intruder.

For one man that nightmare became a reality when he returned to his rental property to find a 17-year-old girl, half dressed and clearly dazed squatting in the home. Spotting her dirty laundry strewn over the kitchen countertops with sweets and drug paraphernalia twisted amongst the mess, the man was understandably furious.

Videoing his discovery, the man remained calm, despite the young girl’s constant begs for him not to contact the police. But rather than call the cops, he did something else to teach the girl a lesson…

Watch the video to see how he reprimanded her for her actions:

No doubt this type of incident occurs multiple times on a daily basis, but you rarely see the altercation caught on camera. The rare transaction is certainly quite haunting to watch and listen to.

If this isn’t a reminder to always have your doors and windows firmly locked, then I don’t know what is! Oh, and from now on I may be sleeping with a sharp object under my pillow!

What do you think? Did this man handle the situation correctly, or is there a better way he could have taught her a lesson?