Scams are becoming increasingly elaborate and sophisticated, and it can be difficult to recognize if someone claiming to work for a particular company is a fraud or not. These days, we have to contend with a whole range of fraudulent “transactions”.

One elderly woman learned the hard way how ruthless con artists can be when a man tricked her into handing over thousands of dollars.

However, her luck to a turn for the better when the producers of a British TV show called Do The Right Thing heard about her unfortunate story and invited 91-year-old Betty onto the show to give her the surprise of a lifetime all thanks to a generous millionaire.

Watch how the touching moment unfolded here:

Betty was given $10,000 (£7,500) – the sum of savings she had lost after being scammed out of her money. She spoke about how she had been duped into handing over a substantial portion of her savings by a man who claimed to be part of a debit card fraud team.

After sharing her distressing tale, the show’s host, Eamon Holmes, asked millionaire Joe Fournier to come out from where he was sitting behind the scenes.

Credit: Channel 5

“I heard your story and I just couldn’t let it go,” Joe told Betty. “I haven’t really been able to sleep thinking about what those people did to you and I found out the banks wouldn’t give you your money back.”

“That made me extremely sad and I wanted to rewrite the script. So I wanted to personally give you back the [$10,000].”

Betty couldn’t contain her immense gratitude toward Joe. “‘I’m overwhelmed,” she said. “For every vile person that has no conscience, there is generally a multitude of people who are good and kind and generous.”

Credit: Channel 5

“The best bit was off-screen, she came up to me and said, ‘thank you my boy’ and she held my face,” Joe revealed in an interview. “She was very strong actually and she held my arm and said it was the best birthday present ever. Her birthday is tomorrow.”

It was incredibly generous of Joe to help Betty when she needed it most. Hopefully, others will take inspiration from this story and do as much as they can to help others in need.