Every single day in every corner of the world, there are animals who find themselves in extremely harrowing situations. Sometimes these vulnerable animals get trapped in dangerous places and are consequently in need of a rescue team.

However, rescuing animals is rarely easy, especially if they fear human contact and retreat when they feel threatened. But this is a story about a very dedicated fireman who would stop at nothing to save a litter of pups who had seemingly been abandoned.

Watch the heartwarming footage here:

Last week, Brian Vaughan, a fire captain, received a distressing call and knew that he had to take action immediately. He learned that eight defenseless, little puppies had been discovered trapped in a drain well.

The people who made the call believed that the litter of black Labrador puppies had been abandoned in the pipe by their owners. Less than a half hour after the fire brigade arrived, every single pooch was pulled out from the drain and brought to safety.

The puppies appeared to be in good health and completely unscathed by the distressing experience and were promptly taken to the Humane Rescue Organization in the Pikes Peak Region.

While at the Humane Rescue Organization, they realized the little black puppies weren’t actually puppies at all. Their fur was in the process of turning red – they weren’t dogs, they were little fox cubs!

“One of the vets at the place said: ‘No, these are not labradors, they’re foxes,” Vaughan explained to CBS.

We hope the little fox cubs are recovering well after what must have been a distressing experience.