We all have skeletons in our closet – it’s all part of growing up. We learn from our mistakes and make a conscious effort never to repeat them.

For those who were young in the early noughties, it’s likely that some of your biggest mistakes played out online. Still naive to the internet’s power, we all fell victim to its cruel ebbs and flows at some point or another as we tried to navigate the murky waves of social media.

MySpace and MSN were breeding grounds for cringe-worthy behavior. It was a time of selfie experimentation, photo editing fails, juvenile profile designs (which often didn’t reflect our true selves) and over-enthusiastic bios – in which, we shared far too many details about our lives.

For those who joined social media after the demise of MySpace (around 2008/9), there has never been anything else to quite compare. By that point, streamlined social media platforms such as Facebook were introduced and experimental sites such as MySpace were left behind as teens tried to forge a new online image for themselves – one that didn’t include leopard print hair dye, sweeping fringes, mirror selfies, guys in eyeliner, Hello Kitty and song lyrics edited over the top of sultry snaps.

But in our haste to jump to Facebook and start fresh, we all forgot to delete the version of ourselves on MySpace. With over one billion accounts still registered to the site (several of which are unbelievably still active!), there is a nostalgic mass of #ThrowbackThursdays just waiting to be rediscovered.