There are two types of people in this world: those who are extremely competitive and those who, well, aren’t.

The ultra-competitive people amongst us will do absolutely anything to make sure they always come out on top, no matter what it is they are doing. These types of people are pretty much willing to sabotage their pride and self-respect just so that they can win a game, a quiz, an argument – you name it.

And sometimes their obsession with winning can verge on being obnoxious, but often they gain an insane amount of respect from the people around them.

One woman who deserves all the respect and recognition she can get is 25-year-old An-Qi, a TV anchor from Zhejiang in China.

Watch An-Qi eat an entire piece of cotton candy in mere seconds:

An-Qi is the host of the popular Chinese show, I’m the Winner, a programme where having a real competitive streak will get you far.

In this particular episode, she competed in a candy-eating contest against her co-host, completely crushing him in the process. Her technique was ingenious – moments after the pair are told they can start eating the cotton candy, she can be seen briefly considering how she will go about demolishing the tasty treat (and her opponent).

Credit: YouKu

An-Qi’s competitor may have started about a nanosecond before his co-host, but he clearly had no plan as to how he would attempt to defeat her.

While he decides to rotate the stick, collecting relatively small pieces of the soft candy in his mouth, his competitive co-presenter really lets her animal instincts kick in. Like a wild predator pouncing on its prey, An-Qi uses her hands to shrink the cotton candy enough that she is able to stuff the entire thing in her mouth in one go.

Credit: YouKu

The clip has since garnered millions of views online after being shared on Twitter for the entire world to see. All I can say is kudos to the woman for having zero qualms about stuffing her face with candy on national television, all for the sake of some good, healthy competition.