As a news reporter, it is your job to deliver some of the most shocking stories to the world. Thus you have to be a cool, calm and collected person who can remain rational in any given situation. After all, hundreds of thousands of people are watching you and relying on you to update them on exactly what is happening.

It’s not a job that everybody could do, but some people are simply made for it. One of those people is Supreet Kaur, an Indian news reporter covering the area of Chattisgarh.

Kaur, who’d been working at the station for nine years, came on air to present the morning news bulletin. Oblivious to the headlines of that day, simply reading them as they appeared on her script prompter, Kaur began to report a fatal car accident. Little did she know at the time that her life was about to dramatically change…

At first, Kaur remains clueless as to the identity of the victims involved in the incident. It wasn’t until photographs of those involved began to flash up on the screen that she realized her husband of 18-months had died.

Her reaction is not what you’d expect…

Rather than collapse on camera as most wives would Kaur remained professional. Instead, she continued to deliver the details of her husband’s crash with a very serene expression upon her face.

For those watching the bulletin at home, it was impossible to know that she was reading out the tragic demise of her husband. Unable to detect the slightest trace of mourning, viewers were clueless to Kaur’s grieving.

After the cameras had stopped rolling, Kaur was able to reveal the truth to those around her. Naturally, everyone was shocked by the horrific scenario that had just played out in front of them.

“It could have been a difficult situation for anyone. But, she controlled her anxiety, remained composed and showed exemplary commitment to her job. We are proud of her,” an employee of the TV channel told Times of India. Kaur reportedly broke down after leaving the studio.

We hope that Kaur has now been able to mourn her husband as any other person would, and that her professionalism will ensure she remains reporting the news for many more years to come!