Pretty much everyone on the planet loves McDonald’s. I mean, we spend much of our lives trying to resist the temptation of eating their wonderfully succulent yet horrifically fatty burgers, and most of us will give in eventually.

And that’s because, on their ever-evolving menu, there’s something for everyone. From lovers of the classic beef burger to fans of their Filet-O-Fish, the fast-food chain caters to people with a range of different tastes. Not to mention their veggie options, their shakes, and their scrumptious ice creams.

And if you’re by no means a picky eater, then you really are spoilt for choice. But no matter how big a fan you are of the McDonald’s menu, there’s probably a limit to how much you’re willing to eat in one sitting.

Unless, of course, you happen to have the appetite of the guys in this viral video:

The two guys in the video ordered every single item on the McDonald’s menu, simply because they could.

However, in spite of the fact that the customer is always right (yeah, right!), and despite the fact that these two guys were perfectly willing to spend hundreds of dollars in a single transaction, the employees initially refused to comply with their order.

Credit: YouTube / @Discomfort Zone

“I want the whole entire menu,” the more vocal of the pair continued to insist to the staff. He then clarified that he wanted “everything from the McCafe to the Dollar Menu.”

Their very no-nonsense server clearly did not take them seriously, abruptly responding, “there’s no ice cream” as the machine was broken “so you can’t get everything.” Afterwards, another employee asks the man, “[do] you have the money to pay for that?”

Credit: YouTube / @Discomfort Zone

And, well, it turns out they did. The men shelled out a whopping $250 for a feast of burgers, salads, wraps, ice creams, shakes, hot coffees, iced coffees and well, everything else.

It’s pretty unbelievable that anyone would want to buy everything off a menu, knowing full well that they’d never be able to finish it. But if that’s someone’s idea of a good laugh, then to each their own.