This story is an important reminder to always be there for your friends. You never really know what’s going on in someone else’s life or what they may be dealing with, so when someone tells you that they need a friend, it’s a good idea to try and be there.

There has been a lot of emphasis from mental health campaigns to let people know it’s okay to feel depressed and that it’s important to reach out. Yet, there doesn’t seem to be much effort in terms of teaching people to reach back.

We seem to live in a “me first” world these days. People don’t want to be around anyone who might bring them down or isn’t fun 24/7. There is this “life is for the living” attitude, coupled with a “that’s not my problem” excuse that is actually killing people.

If you’d like a better understanding of what living with depression is like or the importance of reaching out, please watch the short video below:

It can be a difficult thing for someone suffering from suicidal depression to ask for help from a friend. If you ever have someone ask you to hang out because they aren’t doing well or don’t want to be alone at that moment, please check in on them.

Everyone is busy, but a simple 15-minute phone conversation or a quick cup of coffee might just save their life. On average, 121 people commit suicide every day in the United States alone. Sadly, this woman’s friend was one of them and his last worlds he left via text message are heartbreaking.