One of the many impressive things about the late, great Professor Hawking, aside from, of course, his exceptional mind, is that he managed to survive well into old age, despite the fact that the odds were far from in his favor.

After a very harrowing diagnosis of ALS at the age of 22, it seemed impossible that the aspiring scientist would ever achieve his dream of becoming a well-respected scientist, but that he certainly did.

Another man with undeniably spectacular abilities is David Blaine, who once managed to meet the British cosmologist and leave one of the greatest minds in modern science in awe after playing an unforgettable card trick on him

Watch the iconic moment here below:

It was one of the most impressive card tricks of Blaine’s career, and not due to the actual trick itself, but because of who he performed the trick on. David Blaine traveled to England and performed a “mind-reading” trick for Hawking.

“I was excited to travel to England to perform for Professor Stephen Hawking – one of the world’s greatest scientists,” Blaine recalls.

“He has suffered from a degenerative disease since the age of 21, and even simple communication takes enormous effort. His staff also told me he hadn’t been feeling well, and wouldn’t be responsive.”

He presents Hawking with a deck of cards and asks him to name a card out loud, adding “any single card and I obviously did not influence you and don’t know what you’re going to say.”

Hawking picks the card “nine of diamonds” and Blaine reiterates that he didn’t influence the physicist at all and that it was fair. He then says he doesn’t even want to touch the deck of cards because he doesn’t want Professor Hawking to think that he’s cheating.

A member of Hawking’s staff is instructed to remove the deck of cards from the box, and turn them over to reveal the bottom card. And the bottom card was indeed the card that Hawking chose, the nine of diamonds.

Blaine then decides to reemphasize to the genius, that the deck was an ordinary pack of 52 cards, and that the professor’s choice of card was an option amongst many others.

It truly was an unforgettable moment, and Professor Hawking’s smile, as well as Blaine’s, made it that bit more spectacular.