I have been an owner to several dogs for over 16 years, and I can honestly say my worst fear has been losing one of them. Whether that’s through them running away or being kidnapped, the thought of one of my dogs being scared and alone without me is horrible – and I’m sure any pet owner can attest to this.

Sadly though, dogs do go missing. Sometimes it’s just for a few hours or days, and they turn up again when they’re hungry. But if your dog goes missing for a more than a week, most owners have to prepare themselves for the worst and accept that they are probably never going to see them again.

When Bosco the beagle-mix went missing, his owner slowly had to accept that his worst nightmares had come true.

Sadly, like in many cases, the curious pooch had managed to free himself one day and decided to go out into the big wide world all alone and explore. This exploration wasn’t just down the road to the local park, however. Bosco had wandered off so far that he couldn’t find his way home…

Scared and alone, Bosco was forced to adapt and learn how to survive on his own. Therefore, he learned to wait outside local restaurants for scraps of food in garbage cans. In fact, for a long time, this was the only source of food Bosco had.

This continued… for 746 days.

It was two years later that Bosco once again found himself hunting for his next meal. He could smell something delicious, and followed his nose all the way into a cage – with no way of escaping!

Fortunately, it wasn’t dognappers who wanted to hurt Bosco, no, no. These humans had done some research and knew exactly who Bosco belonged to. Despite the fact Bosco’s owners had moved away from the area, they arranged a video call in order to tell them they had found their long-lost pooch.

This is the heartwarming moment Bosco heard his owner’s voice again, for the first time in 746 days:

Bosco’s owner, Bill Ballato, had spent nights worried sick about his beloved dog – especially during storms. But Bill never stopped believing that Boscoe was somewhere out there.

Sadly, far too many dogs like Bosco decide to escape from their safe homes and go explore the world, but unlike Bosco, they can’t all have happy endings. Many will either starve to death, become prey to wild animals like coyotes, or fall victim to some very nasty people.

However, Bosco’s story does not end there, because it wasn’t long before the two were finally reunited face-to-face. But because Bill is disabled and Bosco is too old to fly, his rescuer, Sheilah Graham, drove 2000 miles, just to reunite them.

This is the moment they came face-to-face once again:

We wish Bill and Bosco all the best on their newfound time together.