We are all born differently. Whether it’s our skin color, gender, height, eye color – whatever – we are all unique, and that’s what makes each of us uniquely beautiful.

However, it is usually after high school that we truly adopt these values, as many of us can attest to teasing other or being teased ourselves for the way we look. One woman who knows this all too well is a stunningly gorgeous Swedish model known as la Ostergren, who stood out at school for two very big reasons.

You may look at her photographs and wonder just exactly why this woman was ever teased – as she is undeniably beautiful. Well, it has to do with her extremely long legs. Ostergren is considered tall for a woman at 5’10”, but most of that height comes from her slender 40-inch legs.

Ostergren claims she was picked on about her long legs while growing up, which could sometimes lead to low self-esteem. Then again, he long legs also made her a stand out athlete.

In an effort to share her passion for bodybuilding and her fitness secrets with others, Ostegren has also uploaded some workout videos. To see her incredible physique in motion and watch how she keeps her body in such great shape, check out the video below:

She was mercilessly teased as a teen. However, despite the comments, on her personal Instagram account, she stated that she has “always” loved her body.

She is now in impeccable shape, not only posting fashion shots to her Instagram, but also fitness and bodybuilding snaps as well. She claims she works out regularly and eats 2.2 kg of meat each week to maintain her muscular physique.