Meghan Markle is back in the headlines again! Sometimes it seems like she never leaves as news stories about everything from what she’s wearing to what she eats has been reported on. Now it’s her legs that is making the headlines.

Earlier in the week, several members of the Royal Family, including Meghan and Harry, made an appearance at Westminster Abbey for Commonwealth Day. While eyes should have been on that fabulous beret Meghan had on, instead, everyone was preoccupied with the look of her legs.

Are these people serious??

Check out footage of Megan and her ensemble leaving Westminster Abbey below:

Critics are claiming that her legs looked too thin. Several people on the internet agreed, posting that Meghan is gorgeous but her legs are simply too skinny. Some have speculated about whether she is extreme dieting for the wedding and has gone too far.

This isn’t the first time the Royal-to-be’s legs have been in the spotlight. Previously, back in November, Meghan was criticised for showing her bare legs in public and many believed she should have been wearing tights.