It’s a pretty terrifying realization when your eyes are opened to the fact that your life can be drastically changed – or even taken away – in the blink of an eye.

A series of unfortunate events, or a misstep – hell, you could even have your life taken away by somebody else having a momentary lapse of concentration. The fact is, life is precious, and we need to make sure we’re taking every step we can in order to protect ourselves.

One woman who knows this all too well is 27-year-old Anna Zhuravlyova – a junior scientist at the Scientific Research Institute of the Russian General Prosecutor’s Academy in Moscow, Russia.

The forensic scientist was enjoying a routine cigarette break, when all of a sudden, her life was changed forever. Footage shows her outside on her break, when she decides to turn around and walk back into the building. Then – out of nowhere – Zhuravlyova is hit with a huge lump of ice that lands directly on her head. The impact was so forceful it knocked her back and onto the ground.

In fact, she fell with such intensity that she caused further damage by hitting her head on the sidewalk.

This is the jaw-dropping moment the huge block of ice fell from the building and smashed directly on the top of Zhuravlyova’s head.

Check out the unbelievable video below:

Immediately witnesses can be seen rushing to Zhuravlyova in order to help her.

It was later revealed that the block of ice fell 90 feet from the top of the eight-story building Anna was standing next to.

Zhuravlyova was rushed to a nearby hospital, where she was later diagnosed as suffering “brain injury, concussion, and bruising”. She is now in intensive care and under close observation. Regardless, it’s a miracle she wasn’t killed immediately.

It is believed that the increasing temperatures in spring is what caused the block of ice to thaw – and in a place as iced-over as Russia, it means incidents like this are not uncommon.

We wish her all the best on her recovery.