In the last few months, Hollywood has come under fire for the sexual misconduct which had been going on behind closed doors for far too long.

But from all the negativity and upset, there have been many positive effects from the revelation. Those within the entertainment industry – and any other industry for that matter – have had plenty of reason to reconsider how they behave around others, and whether or not they may be crossing any boundaries.

Movements such as #MeToo and Time’s Up have really hit home with a lot of people that what they might believe to be harmless actions could actually be a breach of acceptable behavior.

Unfortunately, it seems that pop star, Katy Perry, didn’t get the memo, as she has been acting inappropriately towards men, according to a number of social media users.

Decide for yourself if Katy Perry’s recent behavior constitutes sexual harassment:

As you probably know by now, Perry is one of three judges on the revamped version of American Idol, which now airs on ABC after an impressive 15-year run on Fox.