There are few things in this world that are more impressive than birth. It may be one of the eldest and most common phenomenon on this planet, but each time it is uniquely different. If you were to research every birth single in history you’d be hard pushed to find two that were exactly the same.

Be it a natural home birth, or a hectic hospital delivery, there is never any way in which you can predict how things will work out. Even the most strategically planned births are subject to considerable change. So when it comes to peculiar birth stories, all parents have one to give.

However, nobody could compete with this Russian mom who gave birth to her baby in the Red Sea in full view of tourists in Egypt.

The remarkable photographs of the incident were captured by Hadia Hosny El Said, who managed to snap them from the balcony of her uncle’s apartment in Dahab, north of Sharm el-Sheikh. Evidently in the right place at the right moment, Hadia was able to capture a sequence of images of the father carrying the newborn baby from the water whilst the mother followed calmly behind in her bikini as if she’d done nothing more than take a relaxing dip.

To understand the parents choice to give birth in the Red Sea, watch this video…

According to Hadia, the elder gentleman seen carrying the baby from the water is a doctor specializing in water births, which means that the delivery was arranged ahead of time.