One of the most devastating things we as humans have to contend with during our lifetime is the fact that our loved ones – our friends and family – could potentially die at any moment. Death is not always the result of old age or an illness – sometimes, people die following a wholly unexpected accident.

This could be anything from a car crash to a fatal fall down the stairs, but ultimately, the outcome is the same: a tragic death.

Now, losing a pet to a tragic accident is, in many cases, no less devastating than losing a person. Humans have a phenomenal ability to form deep and meaningful bonds with their pets, and when their comparatively short lives draw to an end, this can leave their owners in utter grief.

We usually expect dogs to pass away from old age, at least a decade into their lives. However, sometimes this turns out not to be the case. In fact, just this past Monday, a ten-month-old puppy died on a United Airlines flight. 

Learn more about this devastating tragedy in the video below:

The awful thing is, the little canine’s death could have been avoided, had it not been for a certain member of the airline’s crew.