By now we all know that public enemy number one is the internet. From illicit chatrooms harboring criminals with some seriously warped fantasies to hackers bombarding you with fake emails in a bid to access your bank account, every corner of the World Wide Web hosts a dark side.

Alarmingly, these breeding grounds for dodgy activity are thriving. With billions active online every day, the possibility to monitor each individual user’s digital movements is impossible. Thus, people can get away with some seriously questionable virtual behavior.

As a result, parents are understandably nervous when allowing their child access to the internet.

After years of frightening stories involving young children and online predators hitting the headlines, parents are no longer allowing their offspring free reign to the internet like they once did. The days of messaging strangers on MSN are long gone.

However, despite HUGE efforts to conceal and remove danger zones from the internet, there are still places where unsavory sorts can gain contact with children. One app in particular that has been involved in a great deal of controversy surrounding its safety is

The app, aimed at children, has frequently been at the center of several scary stories in which children’s accounts are being infiltrated by those with less than honorable intentions.

This is what your child is watching whilst using…

Having heard these rumors, one mom decided to investigate the app before allowing her 10-year-old to make an account and sign up. Anatasia Basil wanted to be sure that her daughter would be safe on the app which lets you lip-sync to your favorite tracks, before uploading them on your profile for all your followers to see.