Having a premature baby is one of the biggest worries that a new mother can face. While medical science has advanced considerably in recent years and improved survival rates, unfortunately, some babies are simply born too early to survive.

The odds of survival are what doctors use to determine abortion limits around the world. This is so that no fetus with the potential to survive has their life needlessly ended. However, on occasion, some babies born before this limit can beat the odds.

One of these miracle babies was born last year just one day before the UK’s abortion limit of 24 weeks.

The baby in question, a girl, was so small that her brain could be seen through her skin.

Weighing a mere 1lb 2oz, the baby, now named Hailie Dillon, had a collapsed lung and didn’t breath for seven minutes after she was born.

Hailie’s mother Cheri Price, now 22 years old, then had to wait for an agonizing 18 days before she was allowed to hold her daughter, who was born on February 23 at James Cook Hospital, Middlesbrough, England, last year.

Cheri, who is from the Isle of Wight, said, “When Hailie was born, it sounds bad to say it, but she looked like a red alien.”