Peepholes are typically a means for people to prevent unwelcome visitors from entering their homes. They are particularly useful for those who are vulnerable and living alone – giving them the chance to see who is knocking on their door before they decide to open it.

But for teenager Vilma Ramirez from Charlotte, North Carolina, a peephole allowed a stranger to invade her bedroom and privacy.

Credit: USA Today

It doesn’t matter what age you are, there are few things more disconcerting than hearing a noise and not knowing where it’s coming from. That was the case Ramirez, who was suddenly woken up by a scratching noise in her new bedroom.

Terrified, the teen sent a text message to her brother who quickly came to her room to help. It was then that they turned on the light and noticed that a “dime-sized” peephole had appeared above her bed leading into the property next door.

“It was like someone basically cutting,” Ramirez said of the scratching noise.

Check out the video below to learn more about the shocking incident: 

The peephole was subsequently reported to the apartment complex management who had the hole filled in. This did not, however, explain who had created the hole in the first place, which led to an empty apartment which had clearly been left open.

According to Ramirez, a neighbor reported seeing a man leave the empty apartment.

Credit: USA Today

We hope that the management of other apartment complexes learn from this story and do not leave empty buildings open, putting people at risk of such behavior, which could become even more disturbing than that suffered by Ramirez.