When you enroll your child in a school, you are led to believe that they are about to receive the best start in life. Why? because education is, of course, one of the most important things in a child’s life. It’s a necessity if you want them to be able to navigate the world in which they inhabit.

Of course, education comes in a variety of forms. There are those who are homeschooled, those who go to a state school and those who are sent to prestigious public schools. Despite the different learning environments that each type of schooling provides, there is one fundamental thing that remains consistent with them all: student safety.

However, many female teachers take advantage of your trust with their children:

When you send your child off to the classroom, you expect them to come away enriched by the lessons they’ve learned and tales they’ve been told. Having been to school yourself, you know there is a chance they may get the odd cruel comment from another kid, but you think that’s the worst that could happen.

Of course, the latest tragedy at Parkland school is a stark reminder that the classroom isn’t necessarily the safe haven you’d expect. In addition to that, a different teacher is named and shamed in the news each week for inappropriate behavior with students.