The end of a relationship can do weird things to a person, and Russell Crowe’s divorce auction is proof of that. During the course of his 14-year marriage to Danielle Spencer, he acquired a lot of unique items, and now that his divorce is about to come through in April, he wants rid of them.

Called the “The Art of Divorce”, the auction is taking place on April 7, which is Crowe’s birthday and wedding anniversary. The Hollywood veteran said of the auction, “We’ve been separated over five years now, our divorce should be finalized around the time of the auction.”

“Just as we collaborate on the upbringing of our kids, it’s easy for us to work together on something like this,” he said of the sale which is soon-to-be ex-wife is involved in. “I think she feels the same way I do in regards to just moving on things that help create space for the future.”

Check out the video below which provides more information about this unusual sale: 

While having a divorce auction is in itself unusual, Crowe’s is even more unique because it contains memorabilia from some of his biggest blockbusters including Gladiator and American Gangster and it’s safe to say that some of the items on sale are truly bizarre!

1. The jock strap from Cinderella Man

Crowe sweated in a lot of things while filming Cinderella Man, but none are quite as horrifying as his jock strap. The unusual item is expected to sell for between $500 and $600 and it comes with a certificate from Crowe confirming that it’s what he wore in the movie.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio’s dinosaur skull

This item reportedly made its way into Crowe’s possession in December 2008, presumably as a Christmas present. Prior to this, the skull was found in Kansas so it really is an all American piece of movie and biological history. It is valued at between $35,000 and $40,000.

3. Two fake dead horses from Gladiator

“The two prop horses in my collection were used by Ridley Scott as corpses in the chariot scene in the [movie],” Crowe said of the horses which have been valued at $2,000 – $4,000 each. They measure two meters long by two meters tall, so the buyer might want to invest in a stable.