Sometimes it can feel like the world is a cruel place. Everyone is wrapped up in their own problems and no one seems to have time to help out anyone else. However, there are still some kind people among us, and 18-year old Evoni Williams is one of them.

Check out Evoni’s incredible reward in the video below:

Her story of extending a simple act of kindness to a stranger is incredible and proves that you really do get what you give, ten-fold! Her good deed, which she probably expected nothing in return for doing was massively rewarded beyond her wildest dreams.

Williams had been working in a La Marque, Texas waffle house in order to save money for school. The high school graduate could not afford to go to college immediately and so she had gotten the job in July of 2017.

She was working her regular shift on a seemingly normal day when she met 78-year-old Adrien Charpentier. The man was a customer and had simply come in to order a meal, but due to a medical condition, Charpentier struggled to eat his breakfast.