It’s hard to believe that Kate Middleton hails from a background not even remotely tainted by royalty. The 36-year-old future Queen of England is certainly a natural element of the British Royal Family, so much so that you could almost say she was destined to be a part of it.

In fact, Kate’s seamless transition from an ordinary British citizen to royalty is so immaculate that it could be argued she was prepared for it. Whilst some point the finger at her mother, Carole Middleton, for pushing her into the path of Prince William, it would appear that it may have actually been something much less calculated that united the pair…

Whilst performing in a high school play at the age of 13, Kate is told by a ‘fortune teller’ that she’ll one day marry a rich prince – something that’d eerily come true 16 years later.

You have to see it to believe it…

The play in question is ‘Murder In The Red Barn’, a Victorian melodrama in which Kate played the lead. Her character eventually goes on to marry a man named, you guessed it, William after being told by a fortune teller that she’ll meet a “handsome” man.

The fortune teller goes on to tell a teenage Kate that her “rich gentleman” will whisk her away to London – a fact which greatly pleases the amateur actress.

The clip, which originally surfaced in 2011, has obviously caused quite a stir given the spooky details that seem to have come true for Kate. Could it prove the existence of magic? Or is it a serious coincidence?