There is no human on this planet who celebrates every time a new grey hair, wrinkle or age spot materializes. In fact, the feeling is quite the opposite. Instead, we mourn every sign that our youth is fading.

We spend a fortune on miracle products which are supposed to save us from growing old and we change our diets to try and inject more vitamins and minerals into our bodies. It’s not clear if either of those two approaches really work, but they certainly provide peace of mind to those of us who fear old age.

It never seems quite possible that the key to a youthful glow is lying deep within our genetics. Some people are just blessed with a baby face and supple skin. It doesn’t seem to matter what they do with their lives – smoke, drink, play a lot of rough sports – these people always look effortlessly radiant.

A prime example of one of these blessed people is Yang Dan, who, at 44-years-old, looks barely a day older than she did in 1996 when she joined China’s state broadcaster as a weather girl.

Watch how her looks barely change over 22 years on air…

At 22-years-old, Dan was unsurprisingly glowing with juvenile energy as she made her debut broadcast, but fast forward 22 years and that beam hasn’t subsided. At 44 years old, it’s hard to tell the difference between the Dan of then and the Dan of now.