For anyone who has ever had anything stolen from them, you’ll know there is no feeling worse than the one you experience when you find your belongings missing.

It’s a feeling of betrayal, anger and regret which can only be pacified by the knowledge that those responsible have been reprimanded. After all, is there anything more satisfying than seeing a criminal get caught and thrown behind bars?

Check out these stupid criminals caught on camera:

Well, apparently there is something more satisfying than seeing someone being reprimanded, and that’s somebody being rewarded. For one business in New Zealand is now attempting to recruit those who stole from them after being left impressed by their thievery skills.

Smith, Crane & Construction Ltd from Christchurch, New Zealand were left devastated when a bunch of criminals broke into their premises on February 24, making off with multiple power tools and other valuable equipment.

Intent on catching those responsible, the business studied their security cameras which showed the hapless group in action. The men, who have their faces exposed, brazenly rob the joint without any apparent concern that their every move is being monitored by surveillance cameras.