Not to sound unnecessarily morbid, but when I die I hope that money is the last thing on my mind. I hope that I will have lived a life so rich in experiences that the value of cold hard cash is exceedingly low in my mind. After all, we’re here for a good time not a long time.

I cringe at the thought of my final days being spent calculating how much cash I have. But I am even further repulsed by the idea that in my old age I may demand that a loved one stow all my money into my coffin with me. What’s the point? You can’t take it with you when you die.

Even if you could, the chances are that they don’t accept your currency in the afterlife and I am yet to see a currency exchange office offering a conversion rate for death dollars.

But that’s just me. Evidently, not everybody thinks the same. Take for example one man who demanded that his long-suffering wife pack every penny he owned into his casket.

Meanwhile, this man opted to be buried in his beloved car…

Now it’s not clear if this is a true story, but it has certainly amused the internet who couldn’t help but applaud the wife’s cunning plan to ensure she kept her word to her late husband, but also kept hold of his money.