Old habits die hard, and one of the most difficult habits to break for good is smoking.

In spite of the fact that, for the past couple of generations, we have been taught that smoking is one of the most disastrous things we can do to our health, about a seventh of the planet engage in this destructive habit.

The thing is, many smokers, even the most hardcore of smokers, will at some point attempt to kick their addiction, but many will experience pitiful results. Nicotine is just way too addictive for the average person to be able to give up with ease.

That’s why smokers will try various methods in order to kick the habit. If quitting cold turkey doesn’t do the trick, the most dedicated people will try nicotine patches or other forms of nicotine replacement, like e-cigarettes.

Some will even go as far as to take part in behavioral therapy sessions – which makes total sense considering addiction is very much about the mental processes that occurs in the brain.

Now, the aforementioned methods are pretty ordinary techniques that most people probably wouldn’t bat an eyelid at, however, some smokers will go to very extreme lengths in order to give up cigarettes, once and for all.

Check out this bizarre footage featuring the most insane anti-smoking device you’ll ever see:

One man from Kütahya in Turkey, Ibrahim Yücel, is so desperate to stop himself from smoking that he has decided to lock his head in a cage, which prevents him from fitting a cigarette through the bars and into his mouth.