Nobody will ever know the truth about what happened on June 12, 1994. The only thing that can be known with certainty is that two people lost their lives after being brutally murdered by an ‘anonymous’ attacker.

The deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman shook the world, not only for the savage way in which the killer had taken their lives, but for the trial that would follow.

Dubbed the ‘trial of the century’, the criminal investigation into the double homicide would go on to become one of the most prolific civil suits in history, given the fact that the finger of guilt was pointing firmly at sports superstar-turned-actor, O.J. Simpson.

Initially, people couldn’t believe that the dashing Hall of Fame footballer could be responsible for such a sinister attack, but as the trial intensified and more details emerged, the public’s perception about O.J’s guilt began to change.

Influenced by that car chase and some shady behavior in the courtroom, the world was firmly divided as to whether the Buffalo Bills’ running back could have committed such a crime. Throughout the trial, the now-70-year-old star protested his innocence.

Now a free man, after serving nine years in prison for an armed robbery he committed in 2007, Simpson is still maintaining his innocence. But just like before, people are skeptical of his version of events. In fact, a never before seen interview featuring the California-born star on FOX may now establish the real version of events that fateful night…

Does this prove that O.J. Simpson really is guilty after all? Watch the video and let us know what you think…

The newly released tape is part of a new documentary, set to be released on Fox on Sunday, March 11, which investigates whether Simpson really is as innocent as the jury found him to be, or if he is truly guilty as a large portion of the world believes.

Image Credit: YouTube

O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession? is just another part of the puzzle. Released more than two decades after the crime was committed, it’s one of the thousands of documentaries which have tried to piece together the who, what and where of one of the world’s most notorious crimes.

Image Credit: YouTube

It’s unlikely that we will ever know who really did kill Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman that night, but for now this interview certainly seems to hint that it could have been you-know-who.