Communication is the key to good sex. However, there are some things in the bedroom which should be obvious, and knowing that your partner has climaxed is one of them. While it doesn’t always happen, there are some tell-tale signs that they did not go to pleasure town.

If, for example, they decide to masturbate after the deed is done, then you can probably say with absolute certainty that they didn’t orgasm.

Check out the video below to discover what women believe makes a man bad in bed:

So, naturally, people were more than a little shocked that a man in a nine-month relationship decided to write into a sex expert about his confusion as to why his girlfriend was masturbating after they’d had sex. While this in itself is bad, the advice the “expert” gave him was even worse.

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The man in question claimed that the sex he had with his girlfriend was “good” but said that she always masturbates afterward.

Don’t worry, I’m cringing for this guy as I write this.

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As far as this guy was concerned, his girlfriend was “insatiable”, and he simply didn’t know what to do to satisfy her.

To put it bluntly, the Guardian sex expert Pamela Stephenson Connolly decided to spare his ego and advised him to “do nothing”, but the good people of the internet chose to reveal the sad truth he’d refused to acknowledge in all its disappointing glory to him.