The internet can be a pretty unforgiving place. It’s a breeding ground for trolls who can’t contain their own vile thoughts, and, as a result, it can deeply affect the lives of those who use it – which is ultimately every person in existence.

We have all been victims when it comes to using social media. Be it a troll who targets you for your appearance, or an anonymous user who sends you a tirade of abuse for no reason, we have all experienced a troll attack at least once.

When subjected to this behavior, most people ignore it and carry on. That’s not to say that the incident isn’t always in the back of their minds. After all, being heckled online is hard to forget. But it’s easier to try and not draw attention to the situation.

However, that wasn’t the case for Sara Petty. The Bowling Green State University student decided that she’d had enough of Twitter users shaming people for their weight so she took matters into her own hands.

Taking to Twitter, the teen uploaded a series of selfies alongside screenshots of cruel tweets which recommended those over “200 pounds” don’t wear certain clothing items.