There are few things more embarrassing than your dad when he decides to go rogue. It’s a moment we have all experienced at one point or another in our life. Whether it be some questionable moves on the dancefloor or a backfired attempt to protect you, our dads can never seem to get things quite right.

One dad who made a monumental mistake is this Australian man who decided to confront his step-daughter’s bully. But rather than approach him for a civilized conversation, he did something completely unexpected…

Watch the video here to watch as the dad CHOKES his daughter’s bully…

The man, a resident in Brisbane in Australia, can be seen lunging at the teenager as he sits in the park. The young teen is thrown backward by the force of his attacker who swings for him as he sits on a park bench surrounded by his friends.

As the father grabs the teen by the throat, cries of “get the f*** off him” can be heard echoing around the park as the boy’s friends try desperately to separate him from the man, who is believed to be 53-years-old.

It is claimed that the young boy reported the incident to the police and as a result, the father has now been charged. It is believed that the man was motivated by the fact that the teen had been bullying his stepdaughter and thus, he was simply taking revenge.

The savage incident has divided opinion online. There are those who believe that the father was perfectly in his right to deliver karma directly to the bully, meanwhile, there are others who think that he may have made the situation infinitely worse.

What do you think?