We have all experienced disappointment at some stage in our life. Thankfully, as ordinary people, we can conceal our true feelings from the public eye. Meanwhile, A-list stars have to put on the best performance of their lives in order to hide their frustration when they lose out on an award.

But while they may have been nominated for a prestigious gong as a result of their acting skills, there are some stars who aren’t able to mask their true emotions when someone else’s name is read out on stage. Take the following actors for example, all of whom are guilty of revealing a little too much on the night…

1. Denzel Washington

When Denzel Washington lost the Best Actor award to Casey Affleck in 2017, his disappointment was clear for all to see. The 63-year-old actor, who’d been nominated for Fences, pursed his lips as Affleck delivered his acceptance speech to the audience at the Dolby Theatre. With moist eyes, Washington’s bitterness was clear for all to see.

2. Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep is the most nominated star in Academy Award history, with a total of 21 nominations to her name the 68-year-old star is something of a veteran when it comes to the ‘grace face’ at the Oscars. Having only won on three occasions, there have been multiple occasions when the Kramer vs. Kramer actress has had to fake joy as she watches her rival head up to the stage.

Whilst usually a professional, Streep couldn’t completely hide her disappointment in 1982 when she lost the Best Actress award to Katherine Hepburn.

3. Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson is famous for his foul mouth. However, nobody expected the acting icon to drop a rude word at the Oscars. After losing the Best Actor award for his infamous role in Pulp Fiction in 1995, Jackson can clearly be seen mouthing the word ‘sh*t’ as the cameras close in on the recipient of the award, Martin Landau. Awkward.