We are all guilty of judging people on the internet. Anyone who has ever used social media knows how easy it is to fall into this dangerous cycle when they find themselves mercilessly judging another person – only to discover that not all was what it seemed in their online world.

This was the case for one mom from Brisbane, who was trolled over a zombie photoshoot she had taken of her one-year-old son.

“I got told I was a bad mother, that I was going to damage his mental health, that I would make him sick eating that cake off the dirt,” Amy Louise said. “I got called disgusting, morbid and offensive to mothers who had lost their babies.”

While a zombie photoshoot might seem like an odd choice for most parents, Amy Louise opted for this unconventional choice for a poignant and reason – her son Phoenix almost died the day he was born and it happened to be Halloween.

Losing a child is one of the most challenging things that can happen to a parent. No one brings a life into the world under the expectation that they will outlive their child, and this loss is even more difficult to deal with when it happens unexpectedly and early in their child’s life.

But Phoenix’s mom was faced with heartbreak on Halloween 2015 when doctors discovered that his heart was not beating after his birth. In that moment, she had to contemplate the devastating possibility that her child was going to die shortly after his birth.

“From the time the doctors told me my placenta had detached and there was no heartbeat, to the time they cut him out was such a whirlwind of emotion,” she told Daily Mail Australia.