We are all partial to taking a selfie (or, if we’re being honest, about 50 before we find a picture that’s worthy of social media). While our selfies have little power online, bar attracting the odd comment and giving us an ego boost as the likes roll in, celebrity selfies often cause a storm.

Admittedly, it’s not always selfies that fall into this category, but, generally speaking, celebs have meticulously crafted social media profiles that are the envy of millions, and it turns out that they aren’t all that hard to improve, as comedian Celeste Barber hilariously proved.

Check out the video below to see some of Barber’s hilarious recreations of celebrity selfies:

Us Average Joes tend to marvel at celebrities because of how perfect their appearances are, even if we know deep down that aspiring to be like them isn’t a reasonable goal to have. Celeste, however, is a testament to the fact that all you need is confidence to win at social media.

1. She’s keeping it real when it comes to camera flashes

Let’s face it, Bella Hadid probably couldn’t see properly after that sultry snap was taken.

Credit: Celeste Barber

2. Celebrities might have perfect timing

But the awkward reality of a normal person relationship looks a lot more fun.

Credit: Celeste Barber

3. Sometimes less really is more

Even if this picture strongly suggests happiness is tied to the size of your Christmas tree.

Credit: Celeste Barber

4. Some things in life are easier to chase than dreams

Food is a pretty good example.

Credit: Celeste Barber

People often admire celebrity selfies because they are so far removed from the ones most people are able to take, but Celeste is proof that if you’ve got enough nerve, anything really is possible. Although, as the next picture proves, sometimes you’ll need some friends to help you out…