Vaccinations are a routine part of growing up in the modern world. Thanks to medical advancements, some of the most deadly diseases in human history have been eradicated, and, provided that vaccination programmes are followed, they are unlikely to make a comeback.

Despite this, many people believe that vaccinations are actually causing more harm than good. Taking their information from the internet and cherry picking from studies, they make the dangerous decision of preventing their children from getting potentially life-saving shots.

Check out the video below where Jimmy Kimmel gloriously destroys anti-vaxers: 

Since the anti-vax movement has grown in popularity, a number of deadly diseases like measles have even made a comeback in the US.

Speaking about the danger this poses, Jason McDonald, a spokesperson for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said, “If you are unvaccinated and you come in contact with measles, there’s a 90% chance you will get it.”

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Anti-vaxers try to pass on their problematic views to their children, attempting to teach them that they are not being vaccinated with their peers for good reason, but when one teenager decided to go against her anti-vax mom, she reacted in the most unbelievable way possible.

“I apologize in advance. I need a place to vent,” the anti-vax mom wrote. “I just saw my daughter’s after visit summary from the doctor. She is 19. She can make her own decisions, I realize that. Yet I’m so incredibly disappointed right now. Six vaccines after everything I’ve tried to teach her.”

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While acknowledging that her daughter was capable of making a decision about her health for herself, she publically scorned her on Facebook for having the audacity to go against her wishes, and the shocking chain of messages it inspired has now gone viral.