There are certain events which even the strongest of relationships can’t withstand. Whether it’s your partner suffering a life-changing loss, or another tragic event, as was the case for one couple in Thailand, like a life-changing diagnosis of terminal eye cancer.

Despite having such a bleak prognosis, 21-year-old Pooh Chokchai Kaew’s girlfriend stayed faithfully by his side.

Check out the news report on this extraordinary couple below:

Pooh’s condition is so severe that doctors have no way of treating his end-stage cancer, but he is hopeful that he will make a miraculous recovery.

While such circumstances would make a lot of people give up, Pooh has found hope and strength in his girlfriend, Atittaya Chumkeaw, whose decision to remain in his life during such a difficult time is a testament to the power of true love.

Even though Pooh’s appearance has changed irrevocably since they first met, Atittaya posted the picture above on social media to celebrate the couple’s third anniversary with the caption, “Third anniversary, love the same.”