Discovering that your partner has been unfaithful is one of the worst things that can happen to you in a relationship. You’ve shared your life, hopes and dreams for the future with them, and they’ve betrayed your trust by deciding that someone else is more worthy of their affection.

But if you’ve ever been cheated on, it’s highly unlikely that your partner left you for a 14-year-old schoolboy.

Check out the video below which details the shocking affair between one schoolboy and his teacher:

Sadly, however, this nightmare situation became a reality for 26-year-old Stephanie Peterson’s husband, 31-year-old Brandon, when she was arrested in New Smyrna, Florida yesterday for having an affair with one of her middle school students.

The science teacher was exposed by her student after he confided in his parents about their illicit affair.

According to Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, the married teacher would frequently pick the 14-year-old up in her car before spending hours at a time with him. She also bought her student marijuana and “a bowl to smoke it in”.