It is no secret that celebrities and plastic surgery go hand in hand with one another. Yet A-listers still feign ignorance when they are approached with a question about their streamlined features.

One thing is for sure: the camera never lies. So when old photographs of a star are pulled from the archives, the extent of their nips and tucks becomes very clear for all to see.

For example, we bet you didn’t realize that the following stars have all gone under the knife…

1. Blake Lively

As a member of the Gossip Girl cast, 30-year-old Lively should be familiar with how quickly rumors can spread. Yet the California-born blonde is still denying that she has ever altered her nose. In fact, in 2009 one of her reps went as far as to call the claims “100% not true.” Hmm…

2. Megan Fox

Megan Fox’s breakthrough moment came when she starred in the Transformers franchise in 2007. Which is quite fitting considering the transformation her lips, jaw and nose went through a few years earlier!

3. Jennifer Anniston

Playing Rachel in Friends, Jennifer Aniston had to convince audiences that her character had had a nose job as a teenager. But maybe the 49-year-old didn’t need to act for that bit…