If you are being truly honest with yourself, you’ll be able to pinpoint one element of your body that you’d like to change. There’s no need to be ashamed, it’s an inherently human trait to want to shift a little bit of your winter weight or tweak your nose, jawline, ears, lips, breasts… You get the idea.

In fact, it’s so common for people to have the pout plumped and cheekbones chiseled that we barely even blink an eye when it’s revealed that another A-list celebrity has gone under the knife. As far as conventional surgeries are concerned it’s barely worth talking about.

Whilst this may be the case for more common procedures, there are still many surgeries which are yet to be embraced by the mass population. For example, meet Chloe Jennings-White a 58-year-old woman who wishes to be surgically paralyzed.

Jennings-White, from Salk Lake City, Utah, has always wanted to be disabled but it wasn’t until recently that she learned it was possible – for the small price of $22,250.

Since a young age, Jennings-White has longed to live without legs. In fact, her desire to be disabled is so strong that she has often put herself in danger in an attempt to paralyze herself. For example, at the age of nine, she purposefully rode her bike off of a four-feet high ledge. Despite landing on her neck, the risky stunt didn’t have the desired result.