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Victoria Waldrip, a white girl who has chosen to now identify as black, was recently arrested for assaulting a police officer.

The girl has received a lot of online attention and criticism for appropriating black culture on her social media pages. From selfies of her wearing cornrows in her hair and grills in her teeth to videos of her using the n-word. Victoria, known as Woah Vicky online, really has no qualms about assuming the character of a stereotypical African American woman.

She first referred to herself as African American in a 2017 video, revealing the results of an test that stated that she was genetically 25 percent Subsaharan African. According to the test, 10 percent of her genetics are from Mali and 15 percent are from Cameroon.

Victoria, who claims to be transracial, was arrested at the Four Seasons Town Centre Mall in Greensboro, North Carolina on Saturday.

She was initially detained for trespassing at the mall after being given “multiple opportunities to leave” by the police and mall security.

Take a look at the very puzzling video for yourselves:

The teenager was ultimately charged with trespassing, assaulting a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest. After her release, Victoria then posted two videos on her Instagram page showing her dramatic arrest and also uploaded her mugshot with the hashtag #FreeVicky.

Another video she posted after her release, shows her arriving back home in a vehicle accompanied by a young black guy. She then runs toward an older black man, screaming “uncle”, before exclaiming “Black Lives Matter”.