Every year, the Academy Awards drip with more opulence than a crystal chandelier in the home of a Russian oligarch. As the biggest names in the entertainment industry waltz down the red carpet in designer gowns and sharp suits, the whole world watches on, wondering what it must be like to live a life of such luxury.

But whilst you may think most A-listers are there simply to collect their awards and bask in the glory of their own excellence, you’re wrong. The real reason they dress up in diamond-encrusted dresses and stiff shirts is to pick up a goody bag.

Image Credit: BizBash

Of course, the goody bag at the Oscars isn’t just a plastic sleeve containing a slice of cake and some crayons. No, just like the ceremony itself, the goody bag is overflowing with extravagance.

You may question how this can be, given that the #MeToo movement has subdued the pageantry at such events. Surely a swag bag bursting with priceless gifts is slightly perverse given the current climate in the world of entertainment? Apparently not.