One of the biggest scandals to ever come out of the White House was the affair that President Clinton had with his intern, 24-year-old Monica Lewinsky. When news of the affair in broke 1998, the president’s reputation was tarnished to the point of impeachment.

While Lewinsky has spoken at length about the abuse she suffered online as a result of the affair, she always claimed that the relationship she had with the then president was consensual. Now, in the wake of the #MeToo movement, she has branded Clinton a “predator”.

Clinton’s removal from office meant he became the second president in history to be impeached, the first being Andrew Johnson in 1868. But while Clinton was able to continue his career as a politician, Lewinsky’s life has remained blighted by the affair, which saw her become a household name overnight.

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Within the past five months, so many people have come forward to admit that they have been the victims of gross misuses of power, such as Harvey Weinstein’s victims, Lewinsky said that she has finally found the courage to see what happened between her and Clinton for what it was.

Credit: Twitter / Monica Lewinsky

The 44-year-old made these revelations in an essay for Vanity Fair. While Lewinsky writes that she does not believe that she qualifies as a victim of sexual assault, she does believe that she was a victim of a sexual predator who abused his position as president.