Stop the presses! Donald Trump has finally confessed the truth about his hair! Yes, after decades of speculation, the President has confirmed that his unusual hairstyle is, in fact, to cover up a bald spot and now the internet is going crazy.

Trump confessed that he is going bald during a speech in Maryland.

In case you missed it or need a bit or help in your decision, check out the footage of Trump addressing his hair in the video below:

He begins by dramatically making sure his hair is in place before saying into the microphone, “I try like hell to hide that bald spot, folks”.

The confession comes after a gust of wind revealed Trump’s bare scalp while boarding Air Force One. Video footage from the incident has since gone viral. It appears as though the back and top of his head are mostly bald and he combs his remaining hair over the area in an attempt to conceal it.

Recently, a White House doctor revealed in a medical report on the President that Donal Trump is using the drug Propecia, which helps prevent hair loss from male pattern balding.

However, what’s more interesting than discovering Trump is taking Propecia are the side effects he may be experiencing from it!