An American man was born with a rare condition called diphallia, which means he actually has two penises! He opened up about his duel members in a 2014 Reddit Ask Me Anything, and after gaining much notoriety has since written a book about it.

Now, people are wondering what he’ll do next. A video, perhaps?

The book, appropriately titled Double Stuffed: Steamy Tales From My Love Life with Two Penises, was a success, which isn’t surprising considering his Reddit AMA was the 8th most popular of all time, surpassing celebrity AMAs from the likes of Harrison Ford and Bill Murray.

The man, who goes by the alias Double D*ck Dude, or DDD for short, leaves nothing to the imagination in his racy book, telling erotic tales of encounters with both men and women, sometimes at the same time!

While DDD may have more than his share of penises, there is one man in Scotland who doesn’t have one at all. Sadly, he lost it in a horrific car crash when he was just six years old, but now, at the age of 43, doctors have found a way for him to reclaim his manhood and finally lose his virginity.

Check out his story in the video below:

Considering DDD is so straightforward about his condition and love life, surely he’s considered doing porn, right? After such a steamy paperback, he couldn’t be shy about showing off on film.

DDD would surely become the next star of the porn industry. He could even keep his alias! So, has he finally taken the plunge?