When it comes to your dad, it’s as though they get a kick from embarrassing you. In fact, they do it so naturally that sometimes they don’t even realize that their actions can make your cheeks turn crimson. Often we forgive them for their humiliating behavior, all whilst plotting our own revenge.

But how do you retaliate when your father has just grabbed your bride in a headlock and kissed her passionately – and drunkenly – on stage in front of hundreds of horrified guests at your wedding?

That’s exactly what happened at this wedding in China when the father-of-the-groom landed a smacker on his new daughter-in-law’s lips during her wedding reception.

As the father locks lips with his daughter-in-law the guests can be heard squealing in shock at his brazen behavior. In addition, the bride can be seen struggling to squeeze herself free – evidently, this father-in-law has never heard of Harvey Weinstein, or the effect he’s had on the world.

Watch it yourself to feel the full effect…

According to reports, the father has now apologized publicly for his actions after the cringey clip went viral online. It is claimed by the Chinese media that he has expressed regret for his behavior, which will no doubt send a shiver down the spine of any expectant bride.

As the clip roared around social media, many ‘insiders’ were quick to claim that shortly after the incident “the son had beaten up the father.” One sinister comment even alleged that “the father committed suicide.”

Whilst there is no evidence of either of these rumors being true, there can be no denying that the clip is seriously scandalous.