Sex is an important part of most relationships, so if you’re not sexually compatible with your partner, it’s probably going to crash and burn eventually.

Luckily it is something that with enough time and practice, can start to become a lot smoother, slicker and more pleasurable, as both partners become more in tune with each other’s bodies.


And while our society might like to paint this narrative of the sex-craved guy who is willing to get sex wherever he can, men, just like women, also have many things that curb their pleasure in the bedroom.

So without further ado, here are 13 things women do in bed that drive guys crazy (and not in a good way).

1. Being deadly silent

“There’s nothing more awkward than having sex with a girl when the only noise you hear is the squeak of the bed. If what I’m doing to you feels good, make some noise!”

2. Neglecting the balls

“Don’t neglect them. Fondle them, massage them, give them a good pull when deep-throating. We like it, so don’t be shy.”