We live in a world where people’s concept of gender is rapidly changing. Now, people are beginning to accept that gender, like sexuality, exists on a spectrum, and therefore it would be more than ignorant to simply define people by the genitalia they are born with.

In an attempt to further deconstruct the binary, photographer Thomas Evans created a powerful photo series.

It is called the “Femme The Man” campaign, and it was inspired by President Trump’s leaked statement about grabbing women by the p*ssy.

Thirty-four-year-old Evans from Manhattan, New York, hopes that the series will help to redefine people’s understanding of gender.

The photo series began two years ago, and it is also partially inspired by Evans’ own experiences of gender.

He is a gay man and found it difficult to reconcile his sexuality with his gender. Now he embraces both his masculine and feminine qualities.

Check out the video below to see Evans at work: 

The series features 25 models, and Evans hopes that the publicity its garnered will help future generations to feel more comfortable with their gender if it does not fall into the binary.