Every decade throughout history has been defined by its style, which makes sense given that fashion and decor are directly inspired by politics, travel, art and music. Just think of the ‘We Should All Be Feminist’ t-shirts which appeared on the Dior catwalk in 2017, just a few months after Donald Trump moved into the White House.

The 1920s saw women abandon the stiff gowns of the past in favor of flapper dresses as the post-war revolution raged around the Western world. It was during this period that women were given the right to vote and as a result, a more risque attire became popular.

Meanwhile, the 1930s was marred by the Great Depression and World War II, which saw luxury fabrics become a precious commodity. Rather than don dresses of a more prosperous time, women chose to wear understated garments which reflected the fact that money was sparse.

Fast forward to the swinging ’60s where political rebellion saw girls youths sport the look of a ‘Mod’ or a ‘Rocker’. Leather jackets, tiny skirts and beehives became cult classics as women tried to emanate Jackie Kennedy, Twiggy and Bridgette Bardot, all whilst rebelling against society.

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