Blocking people and being blocked is an inevitable part of life in the digital age. Usually, when we have decided that we’ve seen enough of an acquaintance from high school’s newborn baby or inspirational quotes about being brokenhearted accompanied by a picture of a Minion, we unfriend them.

But blocking is a more drastic action which is typically reserved for people who have really upset us on social media.

People are blocked for a variety of reasons. Either they’ve been annoying you with messages, or they have done something in “the real world” which has caused them to be permanently removed from your online world, and, sometimes, if they’re an ex or simply an unrequited love, they are blocked for the sake of your mental health.

But blocking isn’t always a permanent thing…

Occasionally, people need to take a break from each other, this is especially true after breakups, and blocking can be a good way to help them do it. Or, as is now the case, unfollowing them on Facebook so that your timeline isn’t littered with their updates or selfies with their new “bae”.

On the off chance that you’re relatively new to Facebook, or haven’t had the need to block anyone yet, this video explains how it’s done:

But how do you know if you have been blocked? Well, there are a few ways to find out…