Sharing intimate details about your sex life is something that Reddit users do best. So when users were asked to share the worst reason as to why they’d had sex with someone, they didn’t disappoint.
Before you judge their scandalous stories, just think about your own sex life. No doubt you too have slept with someone for an obscure reason. In fact, your reason may make these users look like amateurs! It turns out that humans have very few morals. Who knew?!

1. Work for it

“She was my boss and I wanted to keep my job.”

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2. The frugal f*ck

“There was a blizzard out and I didn’t have any cash and didn’t want to walk to the atm or wait for the night bus. So I told this dude I’d f*ck him at my place (we were at a party) if he paid for the cab. It was -35 that night so totally worth [it]. There’s [Uber] now though so I don’t have to do that anymore.”

– @anonymous

In the meantime, here are some truly awful things you can say after having sex:

What a way to kill the mood!

3. Mr Steal Yo Girl

“This dude was p*ssing me off all night, and I noticed he was trying way too hard to sleep with this one girl, so when he was off getting a drink, I started talking to her. Didn’t even like her, just wanted to p*ss the dude off.”

– @anonymous